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Annotate Tasks

After having tasks created, we can go to the ANNOTATION TASK list and select a task that you want to annotate, press the ANNOTATE button

image-20201116073013697 Dashboard > Annotation Tasks

It will redirect us to the Annotation Tool for labeling (in this case a bounding box annotation)

image-20201116072814265 Label (Annotation Tool)

Trainingset.AI has multiple types of annotations:

Task Types

There are seven types of tasks you can create, each representing a different type of annotation you can get over your images or a categorization task. The six annotation types are Box, Segmentation, PCD (LiDAR), Point, Line, Polygon and image categorization.


This example is a Segmentation, and it works in a specialized Annotation Tool, just like PCD

image-20201116164627530 Segmentation Tool

PCD (LiDAR) example

The Annotation Tool allows LiDAR a three-dimensional (3D) environment with good orientation and fluid movement, you can accommodate the scene to your liking and label recognizable objects easily

image-20201116165115706 PCD Tool