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Automatic Annotations

After you upload your task, our model is going to annotate the attachment (currently only 2D images can be auto-annotated). In order to enable automatic annotations set automatic_prelabel attribute to true and wait a couple of minutes after the task has been added. Once our model is finished, the results will be available in result attribute.

image-20201116073934513 Dashboard > Add Annotation Task > Automatic Prelabel

Once the tasks are saved, they will have an initial state PRELABEL PENDING until our REST API has the process ready:

image-20201116073831065 image-20201116073815301 Dashboard > Annotation Tasks

Upon completion of the Automatic Annotation the status will change to PRELABEL COMPLETED, and the result of the process will be reflected on the image and also on DATA PREVIEW image-20201116073815301 Dashboard > Annotation Tasks > Task (expanded)

Contour Detection

Segmentation tasks support our proprietary AI models which aim to explore objects or regions more attentive than the surrounding areas on the image. Simply pick the object and it's surrounding area and we will find the object contours and create a segmentated object. This tool works the best when there is some contrast between the object and background.