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Create tasks

Creating a task consists of providing the data corresponding to the schema that we have assigned:

There are several types of tasks and their parameters, these are able to provide a solution and give a specific result to suit the needs of your project.

Adding task from the dashboard form

You just have to fill the task enjoying all the resources that the dashboard can provide you, like:

  • Images from the internet (Google API):

You can easily get and select images from our search tool

Dashboard > Add annotation task > Search image from internet

  • Images from AWS S3 Bucket:

Just have to type your data (AWS keys) and folder path from bucket and it's done

This is our dashboard form

Check our Managing external storage section from our REST API

image-20201113113214703 Dashboard > Add annotation task (Form)

Adding tasks from CSV file

You can add tasks from dashboard by uploading a CSV file.

image-20201116102054903 CSV annotation-box template (Google Sheets)

Also check our API documentation and templates for CSV

Adding tasks from API

You can use our Annotation Service to create task using REST API

image-20201116092220741 [Postman] REST API Request to create task

API Reference for Managing Tasks and fields sample.

Add metadata

You can also attach existing annotations to the task.

Via dashboard:


The data structure should be the following:

  [annotationType]: annotationsObject

anotationType attribute can be annotation-point, annotation-box, annotation-line or annotation-polygon.

annotationsObject depends on the task type (annotationType) you are adding. Each task type has a different structure which can be inspected at our API doc for it's corresponding add task method.